Cook Chill Bags

Cook Chill Bags

Several years ago, with the help of a renowned Central Production Kitchen in QLD, Pac Food specially designed cook chill bags to be able to extend the shelf life of wet dishes. The basics of cook chill:

  • Hot Fill Cook Chill Bags (up to 95°C) with wet dishes (soups, sauces etc.), by hand scooping, pump filling or vertical form filling
  • Seal the bags (using a Clip Seal or Heat Seal)
  • Chill the bags and content, using an ice bath, blast chiller or tumble chiller
  • Store the bags in a cold room, ideal temperature 0-2°C
  • Regenerate in a Steam Oven (up to 95°C) or Boiling Water

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Your shelf life will depend on the following circumstances:

  • What is the product you are filling?
  • What is the structure of the packaging?
  • How hot is the fill?
  • How quick is the chill?
  • What are the storage conditions
  • Plus many other circumstances

Our Cook Chill Bags are very strong, high gauge bags with extra barrier for a longer shelf life. The most vulnerable part of cook chill bags are the seals, we have a tubular bag, with a bottom double seal!

The basic idea behind Cook Chill is that bacteria are brought through the Food Temperature Danger Zone (see below), asap to avoid growth. This will enable you to have a longer shelf life of your wet dishes. Instead of making your soups or sauces every day, you can now make them once a month in larger volumes. This means buying ingredients in larger quantities for lower prices, which means cleaning your kitchen only once etc. Economy of scale is what we are talking about!

Pac Food has a range of add-ons to allow smaller operators to benefit from our “manual” cook chill system or for larger operators to have a backup in place. Our cook chill bags are also known for being excellent boil in bags.

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At a Glance

  • Cook in bulk
  • Save time and money by getting optimum economy of scale
  • Various sizes, 1- 10 litre bags
  • 115 micron, strong with extra barrier
  • Tubular bags, bottom seals only
  • Double bottom seals
  • All food safety documents available
  • Best service
  • Always in stock
  • Great prices
  • Safely double packed
  • In house expertise available

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