March 2021

Eko Pak adds NEW exciting products to its 100% natural & sustainable tableware!
On March 1st Eko Pak expanded the current popular range of sugarcane food containers to include Sushi Trays with various lids as well as Sauce Cups. Small. Medium and Large trays with Clear lids which can be used for a variety of foods not just Sushi! Think gyoza, sashimi, spring rolls, dumplings, canapes and desserts etc. Our cute 60ml Sauce Cups are perfect for sauces such as soy, sweet chilli, tomato, barbecue, mayonnaise, aioli, wasabi etc.
BUT WAIT! There is more coming, a whole new range coming mid 2021 which will give our customers more amazing choices!

April 2021

Pac Food has once again gained HACCP Certification. You can rest assured that you are purchasing packaging from a company that takes food safety very seriously. After our recent audit, Pac Food were again rewarded with HACCP Certification for another 12 months. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of finished product. Click to view the latest HACCP Certificate.

October 2020

New product launch of Pac Food’s sustainable tableware committed to protecting our environment – Eko Pak. 100% natural & sustainable as well as biodegradable and home compostable.
The range is made from a sugarcane by-product known as bagasse. This is the fibrous residue or pulp which remains once the sugar cane has been crushed.⁠ Our initial launch has a range of round and square bowls, rectangle trays, various lids and clamshells in various sizes and compartment options. Perfect for for food deliveries, takeaways, cafes, food stalls, markets, food vans, festivals… the applications are endless.
Eko Pak products are of the highest quality, sturdy and strong but readily biodegradable.. now that’s exciting! Check out the range and our unique Shipping incentives at

May 2020

Pac Food has designed a new ‘HOW TO’ brochure to give businesses tips and ideas on how to change their business platforms in terms of offering deliveries and takeaways. Whether it is something you have been wanting to introduce for a while, or if it’s something Covid-19 has pushed you to do. Click here to view our ‘HOW TO’ brochure.

March 2020

Pac Food is trading as normal during the Covid-19 Pandemic. We have maintained high stock levels and all orders are being dispatched as normal. We are helping many businesses change their business structures with deliveries and take-away additions. We are here to help in these uncertain times.

October 2017

Pac Food introduces the lidding film for the whole CPET range. The film is recyclable, has great sealing properties, is anti fog and easy peel.

June 2017

Pac Food introduces the new and innovative product CPET Trays, used for Ready Meals, especially airline catering, Meals on Wheels, meal programs for weight control, central kitchens and so many more. The temperature range of these recyclable trays is -40°C to +220°C which allows for the product to be stored in a deep freeze and placed directly into a hot oven or microwave for cooking.

April 2016

Food Prep Bags: These clear bags are the perfect solution to help with prepping in your busy kitchen. Simply prep your ingredients, bag them, then seal or tie and you will be extremely well prepared!

March 2016

Pac Food introduces two Heat Sealers to our product line: Bench top and pedestal models. Ideal for seal only applications with bags.

February 2016

Pac Food launches a new website. More user friendly, easier to use, more information!

December 2015

VS305 Vacuum Sealer: The successor to the VS600 is here! Born out of a strategic alliance with VacMaster from USA, this semi commercial vacuum sealer is stronger, more user friendly and comes with several spare parts included. It has an extra function to do multiple seals in a row. The VS600 was already of high standard, this one is even better!

April 2015

Shrinkcover: Pac Food launches another new product, ShrinkCover. This cover is revolutionary, it shrinks over a pan and prevents spillage. Ideal for kitchens and caterers who transport food from A to B. This is a totally new concept, made by the inventors of PanSavers.

December 2014

SV200 – Circulating Sous Vide Waterbath: Our latest equipment addition is Pac Food’s Circulating Sous Vide Waterbath, the SV200. Designed for the domestic market, it is being used successfully as a semi-commercial unit in small restaurants and small catering establishments. Most chefs know the advantages of using sous vide cooking and the SV200 offers a very efficient way to achieve this. If you are a chef or aspiring gourmet cook you will absolutely love this unit!

November 2014

Black Backed Vacuum Bags: Due to customer demand Pac Food has introduced a new product line that will be of interest to many customers, Black Backed Vacuum Bags. These bags come with a clear front and black back to showcase your product. They are ideal for smallgoods such as cold meats, bacon, ham and salmon etc. and will help your product stand out against competitors. Pac Food’s Black Backed Vacuum Bags are currently available in 70 micron and we currently stock two sizes: 165-250mm and 250-350mm (inner dimensions).

August 2014

Core Temperature Valve: If you use either cook-chill or sous vide methods this will definitely be of interest. A probe temperature gauge can now be inserted into the centre of your food while in the bag, without comprimising the bags seal. This revolutionary new product is available for Pac Food customers only.

February 2014

Vertical form filling film is in stock! Suitable for large production facilities with automated product packaging systems. Available in 20% or 28% polyamide, a variety of widths and either 100 or 115 micron.

October 2013

Pac Food is proud to announce that our Biodegardable Piping Bags have won the award for the “Best New Bakery Product” Sydney Fine Food Show 2013!

Pac Food introduces a new product line – Stand Up Pouches. Strong and effective packaging for the suitable display of your food.

April 2013

Pac Food plans to introduce Australia’s first biodegradable piping bags in April 2013. We have been watching this market for a long time and we are confident we will bring a unique bag for all piping purposes, from cream to chocolate.

December 2012

As the demand for micro channel rolls is increasing, 3 different width of rolls are added to Pac Food’s assortment, 150mm, 220mm and 280mm wide.

January 2012

After a succesfull introduction of vacuum sealer bags, Pac Food introduces 2 different vacuum sealer machines. A smaller domestic model and a semi commmercial model will be added to the assortment.

October 2011

Pac Food introduces Weloc – a temporary closure used in many industries, from food services to pharmaceutical. Weloc has models with scoops for applications such as coffee bags as well as metal detectable options. Great quality made in Sweden.

April 2011

Domestic Vacuum Sealing is a well used concept in Oceania. Pac Food brings good quality and very competitively priced channel bags that can be used for domestic vacuum sealing machines. Read more on our website.

March 2011

After the successfull launch of PanSaver Ovenable Panliner in Oceania in 2006, Pac Food Introduces ScrubSaver low temperature panliner. An economic low temp liner for bain-marie use.

Dec 2010

For the first time, Pac Food ships cook chill bags to New Zealand to a NZ Mussels manufacturer. If you are in NZ and are interested in our cook chill bags or other products, please contact our NZ branch on 0800 722 3663.

Oct 2010

Pac Food takes over Oceania distribution of PanSaver Ovenable Panliners. QSR chains like Subway and KFC are using the PanSaver liners as well as many other restaurants, hospitals, aged care centres etc. More and more kitchens experience the benefits of no scrubbing . In 2011 Pac Food will launch Scrubsaver, a line of (competitively priced) low temp liners, mainly for bain marie use making it even more attractive for kitchens to apply this principle.