Cook Chill Equipment

Pac Food carries a range of products specifically designed to help you with cook chill. Smaller operators can also profit from the benefits made possible by implementing a cook chill system, while larger operators use our manual system often as back up.

Instead of having to invest in expensive machinery, we supply the below equipment to enable an effective “manual” cook chill process:


4 Post Pedestal (on a lazy Susan) or a Single Post Pedestal; posts are height adjustable for both pedestals


Tipper Tie Clip Sealer (faster than a heat sealer and your sealing area doesn’t need to be spotless), in combination with Tipper Tie Clips.

Our pedestals enable you to do a safe fill. Remember, you are filling around 90° C wet dishes, which will make it dangerous to fill without tools.

Our clip sealer will quickly create an air tight seal for your cook chill bags, with a strong and safe clip.

All you need when you have our pedestal and a sealer, is a means of chilling (like an ice bath or blast chiller) and storage space, and you are ready to Cook Chill!

Please check out our cook chill bags page for all sizes and volumes.

View our Cook Chill Presentation here.

Contact our sales team for samples, purchasing and more information.

At a glance
  • Fill with our single or 4 post pedestal
  • Seal with our Tipper Tie clip sealer or one of our heat sealers
  • Use our Tipper Tie clips
  • Chill by using an ice bath or your blast chiller
  • Items always in stock
  • Short delivery time
  • Great prices