Recyclable CPET Trays for Ready Meals
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Vertical Form Filling Film of Excellent Quality
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Cook Chill Bags for Extending Shelf Life
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Vacuum Sealing Bags Designed to Extend the Shelf Life & Perfect for Sous-Vide
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Let your Product Stand Out in Stand Up Pouches
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Recyclable Piping Bags – Best New Bakery Product Winner!
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Recyclable Trolley Covers – also available in BLUE
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PanSaver Ovenable Panliners – Heat Resistant up to 204°C. No more scrubbing!
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Australia's Best Food Vacuum Sealers, Rolls & Bags
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Welcome to Pac Food

At Pac Food, we specialise in developing cost-effective and environmentally friendly, recyclable food packaging supplies for both domestic and commercial kitchens of all sizes. We offer our packaging solutions to multiple organisations such as, aged care, hospital kitchens, cafes, large restaurant chains and more.

You can rest assured that our custom food packaging supplies are sure to impress and meet your needs.  From vacuum sealing bags to stand up pouches, we are renowned for our “never out of stock” policy, making Pac Food one of the most reputable food packaging supply companies in the industry. 

Reliable and competitively priced, make sure you browse our online range of food packaging supplies today.

Our Expertise Includes:

Our expertise lies in helping you get an extended shelf life for your food products by using the Cook Chill method in combination with our Cook Chill Bags.

Pac Food is consistently staying on the forefront of new cooking trends and technologies. We also specialise in Sous Vide cooking and have one of Australia’s largest range of sous vide bags.

You can rely on Pac Food to have:

How our Products Benefit Different Organisations:

Cafes: We understand the unique needs of cafes when it comes to food packaging. Our products such as vacuum seal bags are a perfect solution to keeping food fresh and flavourful for longer. We also offer a range of recyclable packaging solutions as well as compostable ones through EKO PAK made to suit cafe foods.

Kitchens: Pac Food’s range of food packaging supplies are appropriate for all types of kitchens. We offer both heavy-duty vacuum sealers and vacuum sealing bags that are better targeted to suit commercial kitchens, and more lightweight, compact vacuum sealers that are perfect for domestic use. 

Hospitals: We recognise the importance of food safety and the quality of food in hospitals. Our vacuum seal bags, cpet trays and, trolley covers are great for keeping food fresh and holding it’s nutritional value. We also provide custom flexible food packaging solutions to meet the specific needs of hospitals. 

Aged-care: We understand at aged-care facilities you are preparing and serving meals for a vulnerable portion of the community, which is why we have a number of products that can create delicious meals in a safe manner. 

  • We understand the impact plastic has to the Earth, and develop our products to be environmentally-friendly where possible. 
  • We love what we do and provide only the best customer service. 
  • We have a strict never our of stock policy for our regular product lines. 
  • We try our very best to promptly reply to all quotation inquiries the same day. 

Sustainable food packaging refers to packaging that is environmentally friendly or able to be recycled. Here at Pac Food & EKO PAK we use bagasse, which is a by-product of sugarcane

We do our best to ensure all packages are shipped next working day. 

Vacuum sealers remove the oxygen from the space around the food using a vacuum bag. Because some bacteria can only grow in the presence of oxygen, vacuum sealing prolongs the shelf life of food. 

According to some estimates you can save up to $2,700 a year by vacuum-sealing your food! This is mostly because vacuum sealing increases the shelf life of your food, meaning less food waste. 

Suitable for Commercial and Domestic Use

Extending the shelf life of food is essential not only for commercial kitchens, but for household kitchens as well. Whether you’re a fan of food prepping or an avid home baker, Pac Food can help you make your food packaging process as efficient as possible.

















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We put our customers first, providing nothing but the best in customer service.

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Extensive range of vacuum sealing products for commercial or home kitchens.

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Suitable for Sous Vide, with specialist products for cook chill, stand up pouches and more.

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